Alien Intelligence

“The Matrix is Real and Nothing Is What it Seems”

Review by Joey Madia

Every so often, a book comes along that requires me to assess just where I am on the healthy skeptic continuum. Being a healthy skeptic is crucial to being a good paranormal investigator and researcher. It is not to be confused with being a cynic—a person for whom no amount of evidence will change their position that we live in a predictable, mechanistic universe where one lives and dies and is forever gone.

I’m a mix of Mulder and Scully. I “want to believe” and know “the truth is out there,” but I also know we’re bombarded with false flag ops and disinformation, while some people are just looking for attention, memory is stunningly unreliable when tested, and there are mostly mundane explanations for what is initially termed paranormal or supernatural.

I also believe that, one day, as science catches up to experience, there will only be the normal and the natural. We are getting there, slowly but surely.

About a decade ago, when I was only a few years into my decade-long mentorship in paranormal investigation and research with Rosemary Ellen Guiley, I read Ingo Swann’s Penetration. I devoured it in a couple of days. I could not believe what I was reading, although I wanted to. After I finished, I went right to the phone and called the trusted colleague who had given me the book. I asked him, not even saying hello, “Do you believe this? Because if you do, I do, and it CHANGES EVERYTHING.”

He did, I did, and it did.

Since then, there’s been only one book evoking this response: Alien Intelligence by Solaris Blueraven. A provocative exploration of—and I’m just scratching the surface—synthetic telepathy, false-flag ops, the truth about the Moon and Mars, the design of the Universe, and our true place in it, this book will give you chills. It made me question everything I thought about what we see and experience. If you’re a paranormal investigator, it’ll make you see hauntings, UAPs, and other phenomena with new eyes.

The text reads as though it’s being channeled. Punctuation and syntax are nonstandard and complex thoughts flow together without losing clarity. This is my experience in studying purported channelers. There are genuine articles, delivering their message very much like Solaris Blueraven. Like Caroline Cory, she writes about “geometric light languages.” As I delve ever deeper into alien contact, abduction, and hybridization (being an experiencer that falls somewhere between the first and second) I see the things Blueraven is discussing—DNA of star beings mingling with our own to various degrees.

Much of what Blueraven discusses falls into the category of sinister. “Programmed delusional dream-times,” a false virtual field created by human programmers, astral parasites, holographic wars, synthetic reality, hungry ghosts, entrainment programs, weaponization of weather, social engineering, inauthentic timelines, and distorted time–space are just some of the topics she drags into the light. The author identifies as a “test pilot for synthetic telepathy and psi spy related covert projects and [is] a true systems buster and assessment specialist in the world of black ops and covert inductions.” She was “inducted” in 2004. The technologies discussed also account for some cases of “schizophrenia, bi polar and the illusion of possession.” Interestingly, one of the leaders of the January 6 capitol riot, Q Shaman, was diagnosed recently with “multiple mental disorders,” including “transient schizophrenia,” during plea negotiations.

Although this sounds incredibly bleak—at one point, she says that the world will most likely be dust in a century—there is also hope. For those of us who live by maxims like “keep your vibration high/candle lit” there is much good news. Vibrational alignment with the “true holographic universe” (as distinct from the false matrix explored in much predictive programming) is our best protection, on a cosmic as well as on a practical level. Getting rid of your “stuff,” to quote Blueraven, is just good practice.

It can also keep you from being a victim of the sinister AI at work in the Matrix. It can even open up to you stargates and portals.

Echoing Tesla, Blueraven writes, “It has been and always will be about frequency, vibration, sound and the modulation of waves.” No wonder he was so dangerous to the rulers of the roost. As with all things—medicine, the internet, the economy—the Corporate Oligarchy/Military–Industrial–Intelligence complex (CO-MIIC) employs the “weaponization of frequency.” A skilled practitioner can also use Sound for healing, opening portals, and levitation. Researchers are reporting on sacred sound, and how architectural features at sacred sites collect and amplify sound as a key feature of ancient rituals.

Reality is not fixed, and much of it is false or the product of parallel bleed-through, which could account for conditions such as the Mandela Effect. What Blueraven terms “the full light database” is termed elsewhere the Superspectrum, Holographic Universe, or the Akashic record.

In this age of pseudo- and on some level false “disclosure,” it’s important to mention that Blueraven attributes some UFO experiences to false matrix operations and warns that the dark forces have invaded UFOlogy. Anyone who has examined the history of this field knows about disinformation agents like Philip Klass and Richard Doty and the infighting COINTEL-like operations have created among some well-known personalities. This serves to delegitimize the field even further than the cynics have managed to do. “MILABS” target genuine contactees, abductees, and hybrids and manipulate them with synthetic telepathy for data extraction. From a more practical level of what is “unidentified” and what is explainable, Blueraven rightly points out the “black sciences” and “exotic technologies” that may account for the large triangular craft sightings reported, among many others. Operation Solar Wind was a decades-old somewhat secret project that Trump trotted out officially as the US Space Force.

These caveats/new wrinkles in the investigative field also extend to hauntings and interdimensionals. Perhaps some of what we term ghosts, spirits, hat man, shadow people, black-eyed children, and so on are aspects of psi warfare technologies, where agents alter frequencies to create something false. Although some researchers insist that ALL occurrences of these phenomena are other than what they seem to longtime experiencers, such extremism is a mistake, adding further dissonance to a research field perpetually at war with itself. Blueraven writes (and I agree): “Spirits, consciousness and inter-dimensional beings are real.”

The stakes are high. This all points to slavery and abuse. Also of concern is the “privatization” of space (the Space Fleet, Musk’s low-orbit satellites)—especially knowing what’s been done to Earth using the mentality of greed and corruption the CO-MIIC uses for all its projects. Blueraven wrote, at the time of publication, that a big cosmic shift was coming between 2021 and 2022. Here we are in September 2021. Many psychics and sensitives are feeling it. Having visions about it. All of the markers—chaos in Afghanistan, forest fires and hurricanes (Ida caused over 50 deaths and havoc from Louisiana to New York), the resurging of COVID-19 with the Delta variant, and increasing questions about the stability of global politics—certainly point to Solaris Blueraven being not just author, but oracle.

TITLE: Alien Intelligence
AUTHOR: Solaris Blueraven
PUBLISHER: Night Vision Press
ISBN: 9780578633442