Alien Park, Dunes

“Of Underground Alien Bases”

Review by Joey Madia

Since April 2020, at the start of the pandemic, when the Pentagon and US Navy officially acknowledged the legitimacy of the gimbal, tic-tac, and go fast videos “leaked” to the NY Times, and culminating in the hollow “disclosure” of the nine-page Pentagon report about a month ago, everyone is talking about the possibility of off-world ships and alien life. A handful of talking heads are working the circuit hard, showing the same footage and using the same terminology, although I noticed last week a new term: “advanced aerospace vehicles,” which sounds almost, well… terrestrial.

I have also noticed a trend toward the legitimization of certain aspects of fringe science. Scientists recently announced that they have seen the far side of a black hole and have “proven” Einstein’s theory of relativity.

To them and others like them: welcome to the twenty-first century. Nice to have you with us.

The military-industrial-intelligence complex (MIIC) is revising and pushing their UAP narrative, in the works since at least the 1940s, with unprecedented vigor. Among UFOlogists, there are several possible reasons why. One is that, somewhere between the 1930s (as this book says) and the mid-1950s, US government leaders signed contracts or treaties with ETs, trading access to advanced technology for alien access to humans for experimentation and hybridization. Perhaps they have waited in the shadows long enough. Another possibility is that the MIIC needs to introduce long-secret alien tech to the public in order to move their agenda to the next phase. Perhaps, and this is most likely in the short term, the narrative is a pretext for upping military budgets and strengthening the US Space Force. Continue reading

Bank on Self Investment: Belief Deposited—Triumph Withdrawn

“Youthful Inspiration”

A review by Joey Madia

If the current pandemic has highlighted anything, it is that the Economy is a Machine that must be fed. It is a national and global preoccupation. And, as much as it is spoken about in almost reverential terms and is sold as requiring our dedicated participation, we now know thru this pandemic that it overshadows equitable, quality healthcare and limits the ability of society to adjust to major crises.

Like any aspect of human experience, though, positives can be made of any situation. In this case, humanity’s preoccupation with the financial system affords an opportunity to draw a powerful parallel to apply the principles of healthy financial practices to the many other aspects of one’s life.

Caroline Myss—motivational speaker, intuitive healer, and teacher of archetypal and other principles—cautions that our daily energy is like a bank account with a limited balance, so we should spend our savings wisely.

An author, entrepreneur, and young lion with serious goals and an admirable track record, Michael D. Lewis draws on the same starting metaphors and expands them into a prescription for daily living that is bound to yield appreciable dividends. Continue reading

Connect to the Light

“It Is Already There, Awaiting You”

A review by Joey Media

A number of years ago, when I was living on the beautiful Crystal Coast in the southern Outer Banks of North Carolina, an author client referred me to the writing team of Carisa Jones and Sylvia Lehmann, collectively known as Receive Joy.

During a long lunch on the waterfront of my beloved Beaufort, we talked at length about their exciting work in positive thought and manifestation. By the end of the conversation, I had agreed to be the editor for their first book, Ask and You Shall Receive.

A truly dynamic duo, I was most impressed with their energy, enthusiasm, deep belief in God and His Gifts, and their commitment to write the book using only positive words.

During the course of my work with them, I attended several of their Miracle Group meetings and have since worked with them in other capacities.

Between Ask and You Shall Receive and the current book, they have stayed active in their mission to teach and mentor others in manifesting and positive living. They have also published several CDs, their Daily Asking Journal, and the Inspiration and Focus Wheel workbooks.

In addition, they co-created the Million True Millionaires, a Family of Wealth. For $225 a year, you can benefit from this business networking and support organization, which carries the same positive energies as Receive Joy’s other projects ( Continue reading

How to Live to 100: Secrets from the World’s Happiest Centenarians

Review by Joey Madia

Longevity is a topic under much discussion in the twenty-first century, although humans have always been fascinated by those who live to the triple digits. But it is not just a matter of quantity—at least not to me—but of quality, and that is the draw and value of this important book by Dr. Elizabeth Lopez.

A trained psychologist, Lopez focuses on the Nicoya region of Costa Rica, known for a high percentage of centenarians, despite the economic struggles and lack of adequate food and water that have also led to a high infant mortality rate. Through face to face interviews with numerous centenarians, Lopez teases out the overlapping elements that create the physical and psychological conditions conducive to a long life.

Some are not surprising, while others truly do make you stop and assess the way you live your life.

Continue reading

Jackson: The Iron Willed Commander

“Old Hickory”

Review by Joey Madia

If all you know about the seventh president of the United States is his long, chiseled face and mass of white hair on the twenty-dollar bill, you’ve been missing out.

This excellent biography begins with a prologue covering the rabble-rousing ruckus that was Jackson’s inauguration on March 4, 1829. Jackson was a new kind of candidate—unlike his six predecessors in this still-new nation, he was a “man of the people.” In no way an insider, this rugged frontiersman who broke the mold of presidents coming from Massachusetts or Virginia had strong beliefs and was never afraid to defend or act on them. John Quincy Adams, the outgoing president, refused to attend.

Not unlike Alexander Hamilton, Jackson was a “willful boy with a chip on his shoulder” (6) and a mess of contradictions—a daily lifelong reader of scripture, he was also known for his ability to swear with the best of them. He and his brothers fought in the American Revolution, starting Jackson’s complex relationship with death and loss and his ability to carry on despite being wounded. Also like Hamilton, he had a penchant for duels. He had at least three, the second of which resulted in his being wounded in the torso and his killing his opponent, and the third resulting in his carrying a bullet in his body for years after. While taking his law degree, Jackson solidified his reputation as a “roaring, rollicking, game-cocking, horse-racing, card-playing, mischievous fellow” (15).

A great deal of Jackson’s controversy stems from an innocent clerical error. The love of his life, Rachel, had been in a terrible marriage. Leaving her abusive husband she fell in love with and married Jackson, although she was technically not divorced. Jackson’s enemies—and they were considerable—would use this against him, raising his ire as they portrayed the innocent Rachel as a bigamist and unwholesome woman. Continue reading