Do Unto Earth: It’s Not Too Late

“Divine Guidance from a Celestial Source”

Review by Joey Madia

You will have already noticed, from the bibliographic information, that this book is unlike others written by a single author, or even a team of authors. Not only is it channeled from a being calling itself Pax, the Divine Wisdom Source—Pax is the uncredited author of roughly half the text.

If you’re a cynic who doesn’t believe that it’s possible for a non-corporeal being to communicate with the living, you’ll still get a great deal from this book. The lead author is knowledgeable on a variety of important and sometimes complex subjects, such as alternative fuels, climate change, and nutrition.

Reading this book recalled a time when I was beginning my journey as a serious paranormal investigator. A colleague gave me a book by remote viewer Ingo Swann called Penetration. After reading it over the course of a few days, enrapt, I called my colleague and said, “Do you believe this is true? Because if I believe it, this will change everything.” I did, and it did.

Do Unto Earth, and two pocket-sized companion books about COVID-19 and other topics (The Likely Future, Vol. 1 and 2) that I also read, are similar to Penetration. If you start from the premise that Pax “exists”—and there’s a spectrum of explanations for how this material was delivered, from Pax being a celestial being (which I’m willing to accept), to it being a trickster calling itself Pax, to it being the higher consciousness of one or both of the two human authors—then the information will be value-added.

I stated I’m willing to accept this. This doesn’t come from the sole experience of reading this book. I have been closely studying channeling for nearly a decade, from the lens of not only a paranormal investigator applying numerous tools for evaluation, but as a lifelong actor and acting teacher/director with three decades of professional experience.

Watching a channeler who’s allowing a higher being to speak through them (e.g., Darryl Anka/Bashar, Esther Hicks/Abraham) when there’s much to assess as far as gesture, tone, vocabulary, and syntax, is different than reading a book where the process is not revealed beyond a textual description. My wife, a psychic medium, energy healer, and certified past life regressionist and hypnotist, channels information in much the same way as Borgens, and much of what she has received has been verified and come to pass (sometimes years later). I have also interviewed and worked with other channels (called, in some instances, “automatic writers”) who work in this way, with similar verifications.

Now that you know from where I began my engagement with this book, I’ll focus on its contents, which are far-ranging and arguably the most important topics now in the news and for the ultimate outcome of humans on Earth and, according to Pax, when humans leave it for interstellar travel and settling distant planets.

In a nutshell, these are: the climate and environment, food sources, oil and water, corporate greed and war, cooperation and communication, the role of youth, off-planet colonization, and the nexus between science and spirituality (often in the area of quantum mechanics).

Along with these pressing global issues, there are discussions of spiritual and meditative practices (as a twenty-year student/practitioner of these methods I can say that the information here is invaluable), extraterrestrials, sacred sites, so-called Superpowers (a popular current catch-phrase for psi abilities), probable/possible futures, and teleportation/time travel.

As with any material presented by a higher being discussing the future, we’re in the realm of great uncertainty as to if what they describe will come to pass, especially if one believes there are continual multiple possible outcomes (wave probabilities) collapsing into singularities (perceived as reality), and we are masters of our fate and destiny. These ideas are interwoven throughout this book.

The best we can do is compare what Pax is offering with what we know from the relevant literature (as I said, Hayes is an excellent researcher, giving us abundant threads to follow) and our own fields of experience and research. As researcher, experiencer, author, and lecturer of and about the paranormal for over a decade, I must report that some of what Pax says about the history and details related to UFO/UAP encounters, abductee/contactee experiences, and some sacred sites is not in line with what historians, experiencers, researchers, and other channelers and psychics have said.

Which only means there’s work to be done by the reader when engaging with material derived in this manner, the same as I would expect anyone to research and evaluate any body of work—including my own.

What is of utmost importance here is that: (1) although much of the material focuses on highly complex topics, the conversation between Pax and Hayes is light, pleasant, and at times humorous. My experience is that higher beings, formerly human and not, have a wonderful sense of humor and even sarcasm; (2) the topics covered and conclusions reached are important and well worth your time and engagement; (3) the only way that humanity will evolve past or avoid some of the very bleak possibilities shared by Pax is to expand beyond traditional science and limited materialistic thinking and action.

For all of these reasons, I highly recommend this book and encourage you to keep an open mind as you engagement with it.

Additionally, one of the book blurbs (on which I rarely comment in a review) is from Dr. Ervin Laszlo, the founder of several highly respected institutes and clubs, and a driving force in human evolution and systems thinking for decades (as well as editor in chief of an academic journal about cutting edge systems thinking that I’ve worked on behind the scenes for nearly twenty-five years). I see this as an endorsement not only of the contents, but of the veracity of how they came to be.

As the subtitle states, “It’s Not Too Late,” although it may soon be. So why not gather all the data you can—including this book and its companions—and help to change the outcome of humanity and its future in positive ways?

After all, the closing statement by Pax is one that all of us should adopt, no matter its origin: “Love prevails. Imagine. Trust in this and go in Peace and Love.”

TITLE: Do Unto Earth: It’s Not Too Late
AUTHOR: Penelope Jean Hayes with Carole Serene Borgens
PUBLISHER: Channeler (Cardiff, CA: Waterside Productions, 2020).
ISBN: 9781949001495