One Million Miles ‘till Midnight: Between the Mirror and the Lens

“A Journey thru Cosmic Frequencies”

Review by Joey Madia

A few months ago, I reviewed Solaris Blueraven’s Alien Intelligence. Although One Million Miles ‘till Midnight uses much of the same subject matter (the abuse of technology to create a Matrix-like false reality on Earth and unlocking our true nature as cosmic beings), Alien Intelligence was Blueraven’s nonfiction account of what she experienced at the hands of operators of “synthetic telepathy” and artificial intelligence. In her words, it is “a reflection and parallel of an event I was inducted into in 2004 involving exotic technology and artificial intelligence” (from the Foreword).

Blueraven’s story is provocative, as well as controversial. Considering, however, the debate about secret-society symbolism in pop culture (especially music); that, through Operation Paperclip, the US State Department brought Nazi scientists to America after World War II; and the existence of nefarious government-sponsored programs like MKUltra is well documented, we would be foolish not to believe possible all that Blueraven has shared through her writing, DVDs, and radio shows.

It worked out well that I read the nonfiction material first and I recommend that to the reader, although One Million Miles ‘till Midnight can stand on its own as a work of science fiction that is a little bit Philip K. Dick (who is mentioned in the Acknowledgments) and a little bit Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. The subtitle is “Between the Mirror and the Lens,” evoking Dick’s A Scanner Darkly. Like Alien Intelligence, the text is nontraditional, feeling as though it has been channeled or, at the very least, is stream of consciousness. The frequency and vibration of the writing well suits the subject matter.

Speaking of frequency and vibration, Blueraven also mentions Nikola Tesla in the Acknowledgments. Tesla famously said that, in order to understand the Universe, we must understand energy, frequency, and vibration. This is the core matter of One Million Miles. Although there is a story arc, a sense of movement to the narration and by the narrator, this is a book of ideas. It is also a book that gives hope to our potential as “star beings” if we can break away from the “veils of illusion” that entrap so many humans on this techno-crazy planet.

The story begins with the narrator, Nova X1, aboard a space station called Avatar One, which is a future iteration of Earth. Humankind’s misuse of technology, religion, and governments has resulted in disaster. Avatar One is run solely by code and fractal programs as it moves through space, allowing its occupants to access information from the past that we would call memories.

It’s helpful but not required to be familiar with certain terms and ideas, such as fractals, quantum, event horizon, akashic, star gate, harmonic, psychotronic, and chakra. If you’re unaware of them, the text gives clues for the start of your education. I recommend that everyone get familiar with them. As the Corporate Oligarchy Military–Industrial–Intelligence complex rolls out the version of Disclosure that best suits their current agenda, these terms will become more prevalent in the daily news cycle.

The Universe of this story (almost certainly like ours) is one of multiple, parallel dimensions. There are terraformed planets. There are Ascended Masters (in “reality,” those in contact with these Celestial Beings call them the Council of 12) and the “inferior creators” who, instead of using technology and consciousness to make things better, have succumbed to avarice and greed. They create Black Sun portals (the Nazis were all about this) in places like Antarctica for their nefarious purposes. This is a matter of high and low vibration, which makes all the difference. Tones, signals, sound modulation, geometric light patterns, the “music of the spheres,” frequencies, and vibrations are the language of the Universe: to what are you tuned to receive? To see what can be achieved when tuned to the highest levels, I recommend chapter 13, “The Travelers.” This is sci-fi and reality all rolled up into one. And it might one day be a User’s Manual.

When the narrator writes of “several fleets available for the privileged during the final war,” I immediately think of Musk, Bigelow, and Besos and the plethora of secret, private government contractors that make their space programs possible. Outsourcing to private contractors (who often change their names) makes Congressional oversight and transparency all but impossible, since their work is proprietary. It is clear to anyone paying attention that the half-percent are readying themselves for off-planet habitation. Their secret histories and distortions of the history of the planet—from giants, to the age of ancient structures—are beginning to be exposed. In the meantime, they are squeezing everyone who they will left behind all the harder, playing a game of sensory overload, manufactured Us–Them scenarios, and social media distraction. This seems to be what occurred in the story—humankind created a Hell all on its own, without any aliens, gods, or demons—although, as they manipulated the truths of our Origins and History on Earth, they invented false gods and idols aplenty.

Will the half-percent with their Space Force and private space programs funded from their billions be allowed to succeed on the Moon, Mars, or elsewhere? Blueraven is not the only one to tell us the answer is no—the Ascended Masters won’t allow it.

Another chapter I recommend paying close attention to is the final one, “The Living Glass Virtual Antarctica.” Many researchers, including my fringe theory team the Red Thread Collective, are closely studying the many mysteries of Antarctica, from odd structures to airbrushed NASA geo-survey photos, strange illnesses, to star gates, to rumors of Nazi bases and a deadly attack on US Navy fleet.

Nova X1 is almost certainly an avatar of Blueraven herself, detailing the nefarious dealings of her “operators” through the synthetic telepathy I mentioned earlier.
The final paragraphs of this enlightening book read like a mix of 2001: A Space Odyssey and Dr. Who.

Read on, and start asking questions. About everything you think you know.

TITLE: One Million Miles ‘till Midnight: Between the Mirror and the Lens
AUTHOR: Solaris Blueraven
PUBLISHER: Glannant Ty Publishing, 2016
ISBN: 9781539080763