Have you written a book review that you would like considered for publication to the Literary Aficionado website?

What we are looking for: A Literary Aficionado book review should be well-edited and consist of 300-600 words. The reviewer should have read the book in its entirety and feel very strongly about the book in a positive way. What was the book about? Why did you like the book – how did it move you? Did you like previous works from this author, publisher, or series? Include the genre of the book you are reviewing and perhaps include a note about the author. Write plainly and avoid cliches. Easy on exclamation marks. Be cautious about superlatives – exaggerated or hyperbolical expression of praise. And when you do offer praise, back it up with concrete examples from the text that demonstrate these qualities. Avoid over-quoting passages from the book you are reviewing and/or rehashing the plot and/or rehashing the book description from the back cover of the book.

Very important: As the reviewer, do you have a relationship (besides being an ordinary reader) to the author or publisher of the book you’re reviewing? If so, disclose this relationship. And please note that Literary Aficionado avoids publishing reviews that have been written by spouses/significant others and close family members.

If you would like to have your review considered for publication to Literary Aficionado, in the body of an email send the entire (well-edited) review to and include the following

  • Reviewers Name
  • Reviewers Contact information.
  • Reviewers Bio – not more than 100 words.
  • Title of book being reviewed.
  • Author of book being reviewed.
  • ISBN of book being reviewed.
  • Publisher of book being reviewed.