A Powerful Story of Motherhood, Seasons, and Snakes

A new edition of Snakes by Patricia Damery has just been published by Leaping Goat Press

Review by Malcolm R. Campbell

Snakes, a powerful story by Patricia Damery is a beautifully written novel about a woman coming to terms with family continuity as small farms are packed up and sold off at auctions to those who will never know who once lived there and made of them enduring homes. Angela leaves the Midwestern farm her family has worked for generations because the roads and fields and traditions are, in spite of their deep values, confining to her coming-of-a-age soul. She attends college in California, receives a degree in biology, becomes a teacher, marries, and has a family. When teaching proves to be an unsatisfactory career, she focuses on her new and all-consuming avocation of weaving. Continue reading