Bernice Takes a Plunge

“Imagination Saves the Day!”: A review by Joey Madia

Let’s face it: we are all in need of some new and different heroes.

With the recent success of Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes—sister of Sherlock and Mycroft—on Netflix, it could be that the next big thing in inspiring role models is a young girl armed with a keen imagination, broad knowledge, an adventurous spirit, and a flair for story (think Greta Thunberg).

All of these boxes are checked by Ann Harth’s delightful character, Bernice Rose Peppercorn, as they were “back in the day” by Charles Schulz’s Lucy, Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstocking, and Judy Blume’s Sheila the Great.

Bernice, a journaler and fledgling writer, is also a fan of a big-time celebrity who lives near her, Crystal Bell, who makes action adventures with a hint of mystery, with titles like Murder in Mumbai. The inciting incident is when Miss Bell’s house is robbed.

Bernice is armed with her notebook, in which she makes entries—with her Crystal Bell–headed pencil—throughout the story on everything from general observations to fabulously crafted reasons why one of her characters lost her leg, to reminders on the Dos and Don’ts of baking—including reading the instructions.

Being a fan and even a writer of mysteries, Bernice is always on the lookout for suspicious activity. And one thing we all know is that, if you go looking for suspicious activity… it will Abound. Continue reading