Life at Hamilton: Sometimes You Throw Away Your Shot, Only to find Your Story

“There isn’t just one type of genius”:

A review by Joey Madia

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. —Joseph Campbell

As a writer and teacher of writing for the stage, page, and screen and avid reader and researcher, my tastes are pretty eclectic, so it’s not unusual for a book that I review to resonate with me on some very personal level.

That said, the overlaps, resonances, and synergies with Mike Anthony’s Life at Hamilton are nothing short of remarkable.

I believe that the Universe, if you trust it, has an intelligent design that helps us find our bliss. To connect with the people that we are supposed to in this life, so that we can fulfill our potential. Our mission. Call it Source, or God, or even your Higher Self. And that fulfillment might just be what some have termed our Soul Contract.

Regardless of what one calls it, one of the keys to not only finding, but following, our bliss (a concept brought to the West by Joseph Campbell) is to embrace the quote that opens this review, also by Mr. Campbell.

Campbell knew what he was talking about, and so does the author of Life at Hamilton. Continue reading