Alien Park, Dunes

“Of Underground Alien Bases”

Review by Joey Madia

Since April 2020, at the start of the pandemic, when the Pentagon and US Navy officially acknowledged the legitimacy of the gimbal, tic-tac, and go fast videos “leaked” to the NY Times, and culminating in the hollow “disclosure” of the nine-page Pentagon report about a month ago, everyone is talking about the possibility of off-world ships and alien life. A handful of talking heads are working the circuit hard, showing the same footage and using the same terminology, although I noticed last week a new term: “advanced aerospace vehicles,” which sounds almost, well… terrestrial.

I have also noticed a trend toward the legitimization of certain aspects of fringe science. Scientists recently announced that they have seen the far side of a black hole and have “proven” Einstein’s theory of relativity.

To them and others like them: welcome to the twenty-first century. Nice to have you with us.

The military-industrial-intelligence complex (MIIC) is revising and pushing their UAP narrative, in the works since at least the 1940s, with unprecedented vigor. Among UFOlogists, there are several possible reasons why. One is that, somewhere between the 1930s (as this book says) and the mid-1950s, US government leaders signed contracts or treaties with ETs, trading access to advanced technology for alien access to humans for experimentation and hybridization. Perhaps they have waited in the shadows long enough. Another possibility is that the MIIC needs to introduce long-secret alien tech to the public in order to move their agenda to the next phase. Perhaps, and this is most likely in the short term, the narrative is a pretext for upping military budgets and strengthening the US Space Force. Continue reading