Reign: A Guide to Ruling Your Inner Kingdom of Self with Grace, Power, and Authenticity

“Archetypes in Action”

A review by Joey Madia

Let’s face it. There are more books available about developing the self through spiritual disciplines than any one person could ever hope to read in a lifetime, with more being published every day. In these times of crisis, I have read and reviewed several good books on this important subject, and each has a little something to offer to this popular and ancient genre, although, at their core, much is just a repeat.

And when you think of the luminaries in the field, including my favorites—Brené Brown, Wayne Dyer, Joseph Campbell, Caroline Myss, Joe Dispenza, Ram Dass, Elizabeth Gilbert, Gay Hendricks—one again has to wonder if it’s all been said already, and better than anyone else could ever hope to say it.

In partial answer to these challenges, I suggest you read (and actively work with) Mary Krygiel’s Reign. When you do, you’ll see that perhaps the best books—or at least, the most compelling and helpful for our times—are still being written.

To begin with, the subtitle contains two concepts—Authenticity and Grace—that I hold to be the core practices of a life well lived. I actively work with them every day.

As to the author, Mary Krygiel is “a board-certified, licensed acupuncturist, classically trained in the Law of Five Elements.” This background, coupled with core Taoist principles (e.g., “work with the flow of nature’s transformations rather than against it”) make her wonderfully well-suited to the framework within which she works. Continue reading