Bank on Self Investment: Belief Deposited—Triumph Withdrawn

“Youthful Inspiration”

A review by Joey Madia

If the current pandemic has highlighted anything, it is that the Economy is a Machine that must be fed. It is a national and global preoccupation. And, as much as it is spoken about in almost reverential terms and is sold as requiring our dedicated participation, we now know thru this pandemic that it overshadows equitable, quality healthcare and limits the ability of society to adjust to major crises.

Like any aspect of human experience, though, positives can be made of any situation. In this case, humanity’s preoccupation with the financial system affords an opportunity to draw a powerful parallel to apply the principles of healthy financial practices to the many other aspects of one’s life.

Caroline Myss—motivational speaker, intuitive healer, and teacher of archetypal and other principles—cautions that our daily energy is like a bank account with a limited balance, so we should spend our savings wisely.

An author, entrepreneur, and young lion with serious goals and an admirable track record, Michael D. Lewis draws on the same starting metaphors and expands them into a prescription for daily living that is bound to yield appreciable dividends. Continue reading