Convergence: The Interconnection of Extraordinary Experience

“A New Paradigm for Consciousness Studies”

A review by Joey Madia

Subvert the dominant paradigm. (note hanging in Dr. John Mack’s Harvard office)

Conversations are changing all over the globe. The pandemic, political upheaval, and hard lessons about the dangers of Social Media are driving dialogues in new directions—hopefully giving rise to the resurrection of Complexity, so long the victim of Reductionism—and the study of Consciousness and the survival of Consciousness after death are also front and center.

The pointedly engineered misconception of Spirit being separate from Matter and Spirituality being separate from Science is beginning to know its dying days. An increasing alliance of neuroscientists, psychologists, paranormal researchers and experiencers, philosophers, entrepreneurs, story analysts, and health and wellness practitioners are making a strong case—from a variety of facets of this all-important diamond—that there IS Life after Death, Consciousness is nonlocal, and Materialism is woefully mistaken in rejecting these truths.

Dr. Barbara Mango and Lynn Miller are lifelong experiencers as well as trained scientists. I’ve had the pleasure to speak with them on the podcast Alternate Perceptions they co-host with longtime paranormal investigator and John Keel biographer Brent Raynes, and they’ll be guests the last Thursday in March on the podcast I co-host with my wife (a psychic-medium, Reiki master, and past life regression specialist), Into the Outer Realms. Continue reading