Katy on Broadway (Kitty in the City)

“A Kitty-Sized Adventure in the City”

Review by Joey Madia

There is no greater expression of joy than singing. Whether it is in tune, out of tune, lip-synching, a parody, or something created on Songify, nothing brings in the YouTube or TikTok numbers like a committed singer and their commitment to a song.

Pop and rock singers are the superstars of American culture. The most successful make millions for a show and live like kings and queens. Although less popular and wealthy, Broadway stars are the heroes of countless high school and college musical theatre students, most of whom will never have the opportunity to stand in the spotlight on the Great White Way and have that moment of song in the sun.

Keeping this in mind, Ella English’s mission with Katy on Broadway, and I am sure with the larger Kitty in the City series, is, in a word, wonderful: “Enjoy the sound of your children singing, no matter what it sounds like.” I know from personal experience with one of my children how important this is. I come from a family of excellent singers and musical performers, including one of my children. I made what I thought was an off-handed and harmless comment to one of my other children while they were singing when they were ten. Fifteen years later, they found the opportunity to talk about it because it hurt them deeply.

My wife, who has a beautiful voice, will not sing at all because of comments made when she was young. Continue reading