Imagine That: The Magic of the Mysterious Lights

“Secrets in the Sky”

Review by Joey Madia

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.
—Albert Einstein

Human beings have always been Starwatchers. Skygazers. From stone calendars like Stonehenge to elaborate cosmologies and creation mythologies involving the Moon and Sun to the personification of the constellations as humans and animals, humankind has been fascinated with the Sky from the very start of our journey here on Earth. Pictographs in ancient caves are the first Sky Stories. The procession of the constellations marked the cycles of both agriculture and religion, giving birth to countless rituals and traditions.

There is also a fascination with the Sky at work in the lives of Dreamers and Visionaries. A child who is labeled one or the other is also referred to as a Skylarker, and, sad to say, in the traditional education system, it is rarely complimentary.

I was one of those dreaming, visionary Skylarkers all the way through school and now people pay me—quite well—to skylark for and with them as a writer, actor, director, and story analyst. The night sky fascinates me, and the monuments, stories, and glyphs that explore and celebrate it are among the most interesting areas of study for me. I have even had encounters with UAPs and possible alien contact. Continue reading