A Moment

‘The photographs in this book portray a moment.’

Review by Grady Harp

And to continue this brief statement by Michael Somoroff, ‘They were never intended for publication. They are very personal; a kind of journal that looks back on my beginnings and other’s endings. They were taken innocently, when I was an apprentice in the truest sense, without an agenda. There was never a book or a project in mind. As a matter of fact, this body of pictures lay mostly forgotten for what is now the better part of thirty-five years. These images were a labor of love, an homage to my teachers, friends, and mentors. And, they are my roots, roots that are firmly grounded in the history of photography; that is MY history. In a sense, they are a confession, an opening up of what matters to me most….Beyond words, they are landmarks in eternity, the passing of an era, and the passage of my life. They are very intimate. To be clear, first and foremost…I am a photographer.’ (page 81) Continue reading