The Rabbi, The Goddess, and Jung

Review by Malcolm R. Campbell

In the introduction to this spiritual and psychological collection of essays, poet and Jungian analyst Naomi Ruth Lowinsky writes, “I didn’t have to account to God or my analyst for why I wasn’t Moses, or for that matter, Jung. I had to account for why I wasn’t Naomi.”

This visionary collection follows the transformations that molded Lowinsky from the prima materia of her young self in chaos and doubt into the Naomi that life and the gods were waiting for her to discover.

Readers of The Rabbi, the Goddess, and Jung witness outrageous fortune’s wont to injure seekers of the voice within with the arrows from its quiver of devils, demons, shadows, temptations and tricks. Ultimately, when the seeker hears and responds in harmony to that voice, s/he discovers the meaning of Joseph Campbell’s promise that “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are” and that the Tewa prayer’s answer from nature’s light in “Song of the Sky Loom” is a Garment of Brightness. Continue reading

The Faust Woman Poems

Lunar Poems Shining With Energy

Review by Malcolm R. Campbell

You didn’t know the taste
of your own honey    didn’t know
willow thighs    delta song

until that cast out She
materialized in your kitchen    A dazzle of dust
ridden light     a voice    a hand
offering you the world

From “Faust Woman”

In “Celestial Pablum,” the cover art work for The Faust Woman Poems by surrealist artist Remedios Varo, a tired woman feeds a waning moon in a cage the stuff of stars. Without the Great Goddess, the Deep Feminine, women themselves may feel that their true natures are forbidden and caged by society and daily circumstance. Continue reading