One Million Miles ‘till Midnight: Between the Mirror and the Lens

“A Journey thru Cosmic Frequencies”

Review by Joey Madia

A few months ago, I reviewed Solaris Blueraven’s Alien Intelligence. Although One Million Miles ‘till Midnight uses much of the same subject matter (the abuse of technology to create a Matrix-like false reality on Earth and unlocking our true nature as cosmic beings), Alien Intelligence was Blueraven’s nonfiction account of what she experienced at the hands of operators of “synthetic telepathy” and artificial intelligence. In her words, it is “a reflection and parallel of an event I was inducted into in 2004 involving exotic technology and artificial intelligence” (from the Foreword).

Blueraven’s story is provocative, as well as controversial. Considering, however, the debate about secret-society symbolism in pop culture (especially music); that, through Operation Paperclip, the US State Department brought Nazi scientists to America after World War II; and the existence of nefarious government-sponsored programs like MKUltra is well documented, we would be foolish not to believe possible all that Blueraven has shared through her writing, DVDs, and radio shows.

It worked out well that I read the nonfiction material first and I recommend that to the reader, although One Million Miles ‘till Midnight can stand on its own as a work of science fiction that is a little bit Philip K. Dick (who is mentioned in the Acknowledgments) and a little bit Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. The subtitle is “Between the Mirror and the Lens,” evoking Dick’s A Scanner Darkly. Like Alien Intelligence, the text is nontraditional, feeling as though it has been channeled or, at the very least, is stream of consciousness. The frequency and vibration of the writing well suits the subject matter. Continue reading