The Glow of Paris

Ponts de Paris

Review by Grady Harp

Gary Zuercher reveals Paris as few have ever experienced. His luminous black and white photographs define the origin of the Paris’ moniker as the City of Lights. His subject – the bridges, after dark, glowing in the lights that make the night city live – Paris without people, without semblances of activity, simply a mystery of the paths where in his images only silence views the glow of the city.

While many famous photographers have captured the spirit, the romance, and that special indescribable magnetism of Paris, no one to date has concentrated on the bridges of Paris as the focal point of sharing the magic of this city. Why the bridges? The bridges connect the city, the people on both sides of the Seine, and serve as the foundation for a study of the history of a city from 1607 (Pont Neuf) to 2006 (the Passerelle Simone de Beauvoir). Continue reading